Terms Of Use



This user agreement incorporates the terms and conditions to which the users of trabae.com shall be subject to if they intend to use the website or any other customer interface channel in order to avail or inquire about the services.

Both travbae.com and the customers shall be herein referred as parties to the agreement.


A user shall be deemed to have completely read, understood and expressly agreed to the terms and conditions of the agreement which shall govern the transactions and provisions of services offered by travbae.com per se by the virtue of using the website. Any right or liability occurring there to shall be restricted to the scope of this agreement.

Travbae.com reserves the right to terminate the access to all or some of the websites of travbae.com or any other related service channel thereto, at its sole discretion, without any prior notice, for reasons whatsoever.

Certain specific terms of service are related to specific services provided by us such as holiday packages, air tickets etc.  The users shall be provided with TOS and it shall be deemed that they have completely read, understood and consented to them. In case of any conflict between terms of the agreement and the TOS, the terms of this agreement shall prevail over the TOS.

The act of availing of services shall be regarded as the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the agreement. The agreement shall be void ab initio if the user declines to adhere to the conditions without any modifications and in such a case the user shall not be allowed to avail the services.

In case if any of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein are in conflict with the additional terms, the terms of the agreement shall prevail.



The user authorizes tavbae.com to access third party site that may include banks, payment gateways designated by them. While registering with our website the user shall choose a password for his/her account and shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password. In case of any loss incurred by the user due to unauthorized access to their account either with or without his knowledge, travbae.com shall not be responsible.


The user acknowledges and agrees to the fact that travbae.com has the right to indemnification for any loss caused by you to travbae.com due to misuse. The website reserves all rights to approach the competent court of law for the enforcement of such rights.

Travbae.com or its employees, agents, officers, subsidiaries, heirs, successors shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by you due to the cancellation of visas, hotel booking or any other activity wherein third parties are involved. Users are required to ascertain the validity of their passports and other documents by themselves prior to bookings. Under no circumstance shall travbae.com or its subsidiaries, agents, officers, directors, successors, heirs and permitted assigns to be liable if the user’s passport is declared illegible for traveling. Under-mentioned is some do’s and don’ts regarding passports.

§  Name of the passport must match with the name provided in the visa

§  Validity of the passport must be six months from the date of traveling

§  Passport must not be mutilated

§  Handwritten passports shall not be considered



Neither travbae.com nor any of its associates, officers, agents, subsidiaries, employees, heirs etc shall be responsible for delay of performance or non performance of its obligations hereunder in whole or in part if such performance has been rendered as impossible due to war, terrorist attacks, embargo, sabotage, coup, strikes, riots, transportation failure or an act of government agency or Vis Majeure, such as earthquake, cyclones, floods etc. Both Users and travbae.com shall take best possible measures to avoid and overcome the effects of such cause of force majeure. However, any such incident shall not absolve either of the parties of the liabilities occurred prior to the force majeure.




Tavbae.com is a platform that offers the users the access and interaction with concerned agents and service providers. Under no circumstance, travbae.com shall be a party to, or, control in any manner any transaction between the users and service provider. Hence may it please be noted that

·       All contractual terms of a service are entirely provided by the concerned agents and are agreed upon by travelers and travel agent. The commercial contractual terms include terms related to price, payment, date, period, mode of delivery etc. In no manner whatsoever does travbae.com ever involve in offering and acceptance of these terms between the travelers and the agents.

·        By using the website, users will be deemed to have information that any contract for sale of any product or services is strictly bipartite between the user and the agent. Travbae.com shall not be privy to any such contract.

·       Travbae.com doesn’t warranty the credentials of any of the travel agents. Users are required to independently verify the bonafides of a travel agent that they choose to deal with.

·       Under no circumstances shall travbae.com be responsible for delay or inability of performance or non- performance of the obligations which are beyond its reasonable control.

·       Travbae.com shall not share any material that may be obscene, blasphemous, libelous, and invasive of privacy or encouraging the offense of money laundering.

·       Travbae.com shall not infringe intellectual property rights